Friday, 10 February 2012

New Monkey Helpline Banking Details

The previous post contained Monkey Helpline banking details associated with Animal Rights Africa Trust that used to have Monkey Helpline as a project. This past week Monkey Helpline established as an independent organisation, completely separate from Animal Rights Africa Trust. A management committee was elected, a Constitution was adopted and a proposal to open a bank account was adopted. The bank account was opened the next day and Monkey Helpline's new bank details are as follows:

Bank: Standard
Branch: Westville
Branch code: 045426
Account type: Savings
Account number: 054961459
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
Ref: Name or email

These bank details replace the bank details contained in the previous post. Any funds deposited into the old account, which will be maintained for a number of months, have already been, or will be, transferred to the new account.

Your support will be greatly valued by all at Monkey Helpline.

Remember, without your donations we will not be able to meet the costs associated with rescues, high care and recovery, travel, communications, etc. Monkey Helpline cannot exist without your suppport.

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